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DCS has been accepting international students for more than five years. Students from throughout the world have been and continue to be an important part of school life at DCS. Our community has been greatly enriched by the students’ culture, customs and perspectives. As the process to obtain a study visa may take several months or more, we encourage families to apply well in advance of the intended dates of study. For students to be accepted, they must reside with a parent, legal guardian, or extended family while in Canada. Arrangements for housing are the responsibility of the family. Delta Christian School is not accepting students with homestay families at this time.


Recruiters: While Delta Christian School welcomes working with recruiters, we do not pay out recruitment/finder’s fees.


DCS已有五年接收国际学生。来自世界各地的学生已成为DCS的校园生活的重要部分。国际学生带来的文化,习俗和角度给了我们学校和学生更广阔的视野。由于办理留学生签证需要多个月的审查及批核我们鼓励家长尽早提出申请并查询有关单位所需之资料。国际学生必须和父母,亲属或法定监护人居住 。住房安排是家长的责任。 DCS目前是不接受寄宿家庭的学生(HOMESTAY)。



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